Nyman Group’s one-to-one coaching is a highly confidential, customized process leading to observable positive changes in behavior.  Our goal is to help clients identify individual strengths, challenges, and blind spots.  Using a collaborative approach, we then create an executive development plan that focuses on those skills and perspectives for success.   

  • Leadership Assessments 
    Our approach incorporates a variety of assessments and self-assessment tools that identify leadership, communication, conflict, team-building, and critical thinking/decision-making capabilities.  We are certified to provide Benchmarks®, the Center for Creative Leadership’s formal, 360-degree Leadership Assessment, as well as our informal, Interview-Based Assessment ©.
  • Leadership Development Plans 
    Using the data gathered through our Leadership Assessments, Nyman Group’s executive coaches help clients create a development plan that targets their individual development needs, as well as the needs of their organization.  Areas of focus may include:

    • Succession Planning
    • Onboarding
    • Increase in Scope
    • Global & Cultural Integration
    • Change Management
  • Executive Presentations 
    Nyman Group’s Executive Communication program is designed for experienced professionals with some public speaking background and good written communication skills.  Our 7-step approach sharpens skills in creating clear, concise, credible messages for a variety of audiences:

    • Board of Directors
    • Analysts
    • Conferences
    • Boss
    • Colleagues
    • Employees